Medical Areola and Nipple Micropigmentation

At Logia Barcelona we have the best professionals to carry out post-mastectomy micropigmentation for visual reconstruction of the nipple and breast areola. Our team, led by Alessandra, will take care of restoring the strength and femininity you desire after this procedure. Because we all deserve to feel beautiful, whatever our circumstances.

Free Mastectomy Tattoos: We collaborate with the Oncocosmética Solidaria Association

We are proud sponsors of the Oncocosmética Solidaria Association, which groups together women who have undergone mastectomies or are in the process of fighting breast cancer. This association helps women feel better through different initiatives, such as donating real hair wigs, or self-makeup courses.

At Logia Barcelona we also do our bit:

We offer one TOTALLY FREE oncological areola reconstruction tattoo per month for women who are part of the association and who have a delicate economic situation

You can learn more about this initiative by visiting the Asociación Oncocosmética Solidaria website or just ask us.

Before-after nipple tattoo - Logia Barcelona

Of course, we also offer personalized quotes and special financing for all clients who want to undergo a medical nipple tattoo. Ask us for information without obligation.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Micropigmentation

What are the differences between micropigmentation and medical tattoo?

Medical tattoos, as we do them at Logia, achieves permanent results that do not need touch-ups. Instead, micropigmentation uses non-permanent pigments, applied to a more superficial layer of the skin, which means that it needs to be reworked more often.

Why do you do medical tattoos instead of micropigmentation at Logia?

There is no better or worse technique, it will depend on the client’s needs. But in general, at Logia we prefer to bet on the permanent tattoo, to achieve perfect results from the first moment that will not need touch-ups every few months.

Is it necessary to have finished chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment before getting the tattoo?

Yes, it is necessary to have completed both chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. In fact, all cancer treatment must be finished, to make sure that there will be no more changes in the shape or scars of the breast.

Can you get the tattoo on top of scars?

Yes you can tattoo on top of scars, in fact one of the goals of oncology tattoos is to hide them. Scars must be at least one year old to be able to tattoo over them. If they present keloids, we must assess each case.

Are tattoos or micropigmentation on the nipples painful?

Although on top of the scars there is normally no sensitivity, the chest as a whole is still a sensitive area, so some discomfort or pain will always exist (as in any tattoo). We make sure to work little by little, respecting the client’s feelings at all times. We can also apply a cream to contain this pain a bit, always making sure that the client does not have allergies.

How does the nipple or areola tattoo process work?

We always carry out a consultation + two working sessions:

  • Before we start we always do a free consultation. We speak with the client to understand her story, we review the scars, we do color tests and we make the personalized areola and nipple drawing adapted to her breast. After this consultation, the appointment for the first session is set.
  • The first tattoo session is carried out, and the drawing and color decided in the previous appointment is applied (although there can always be changes at the last minute, of course!)
  • After 3 weeks a control appointment is made where a color review is made, solidifying the tattoo.

How long can the entire nipple tattoo process take?

From the first appointment until the 2 prescribed sessions are completed, it may take a couple of months at least. This will depend on the client and her availability.

The duration of the tattoo sessions are also tailored to your needs. If you tolerate pain well, we can go a little faster and finish earlier. Similarly, and no matter how slowly we work, each session almost never exceeds 3-4 hours of work.

What approximate cost does the medical nipple tattoo have?

We have to bear in mind that the prices will always be personalized according to the case, since we are talking about a medical tattoo, not an aesthetic tattoo, and there are many variables to take into account. In order for clients to have a scale, prices usually range between:

  • 1 full nipple: € 300-350
  • 2 full nipples: € 500-550
  • Partial reconstruction of 2 areolas: € 300-350
  • Partial reconstruction of 1 nipple or 1 areola: € 350-400

These prices are not per session, but for the complete treatment. We adapt to the client’s financing needs.

What are the expected results of the procedure?

The results are visual. We achieve a 3D optical effect that emulates the appearance of a full nipple.

We must bear in mind that we do not achieve real volume, nor do we recover sensitivity. The goal of the procedure is to help the client look and feel better after the mastectomy operation.

Will I need to get a touch-up for the tattoo?

By using tattoo techniques (not micropigmentation) the results are permanent, and usually no additional rework is necessary after the second session.

In any case, we always ask the client to return to show us the healed tattoo and check that everything is correct. And of course, if you have any questions, you can call us or come to the center at any time, we will be there to give you support 🙂