Micropigmentation in Barcelona

Micropigmentation is a tattoo technique that manages to implement, in a non-intrusive way, semi-permanent aesthetic changes on the face (and other parts of the body), which is why it is sometimes also known as permanent makeup. Most people bet on micropigmentation to enhance some area of ​​the body: frame the eyegaze, optically enlarge the lips or define sparse eyebrows.

Do you want to know what are the most recurrent types of micropigmentation?

Eyebrow Micropigmentation

One of the most common micropigmentation procedures is eyebrow micropigmentation. We perform this procedure especially for people who have sparse eyebrows, with shapes that do not favor the face (too thin, or separated, or in a “tadpole” shape…) or with large imbalances between the two eyebrows (for example, if there is a scar in one of them). The goal is to restore harmony and expression to the face and frame the look without having to fill in the eyebrow with make up every day.

A micropigmentation technique that is booming right now is eyebrow microblading. In this case, a tiny blade is used to apply cuts that mimic each hair, so it is also known as hair-by-hair micropigmentation of eyebrows. This technique achieves a thick eyebrow, very natural effect.

Lips Micropigmentation

Lip micropigmentation is also very popular, especially among those who want to add more volume or color visually without the need for injections or other more invasive procedures. In this way we achieve rejuvenated lips, can camouflage imperfections or imbalances between both sides and, if the client wishes so, can also provide permanent lip color.

Eyes Micropigmentation – Permanent Eyeliner

Another area that benefits the most from this procedure is the eyes, which is known as permanent eyeliner. Micropigmentation of the eyes can be done both in the waterline, in the base of the eyelashes or in the upper eyelid, achieving a permanent eye makeup effect. With this technique we manage to intensify the client’s gaze, falsify thicker and darker eyelashes, and provide luminosity to the eyes.

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Micropigmentation Financing

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Medical Micropigmentation – Nipple Reconstruction

Micropigmentation of the nipple can also be a very effective technique for the optical reconstruction of the mammary areola, especially for women who have undergone a mastectomy with breast reconstruction.

This procedure visually simulates the nipple, giving an appearance of volume and camouflaging the postoperative scars of the areola. Many women choose this option to go one step further in their physical and mental recovery after going through breast cancer.

This is a service that we offer along with professionals specialized only in this type of micropigmentation, and only on specific occasions. If you are interested, contact us for more information.

Before-after nipple tattoo - Logia Barcelona

We also use medical micropigmentation techniques as a non-intrusive solution and with very good results to treat cosmetic imperfections of the body, such as scars or burns. In this way we can camouflage the color difference between the scar and the skin that surrounds it, or balance the depigmentation of the skin so that it is not so apparent.

Micropigmentation FAQ

How does micropigmentation work?

For the micropigmentation process, manual tattoo techniques are used, with special hypoallergenic inks that deposit the pigment in the specific place on the skin. It is not a tattoo with a machine per se, but a much more precise one that uses a punch or a special blade. In addition, each procedure has its particularities to adapt to the client.

Is micropigmentation painful?

Micropigmentation can cause discomfort during the process, since there is a small abrasion when the needle penetrates into the skin. But it is a relatively quick procedure in a small area, so for most people it is perfectly tolerable – although it will obviously depend on your pain threshold.

Is micropigmentation safe?

At Logia Barcelona we only use pigments specifically tested for these procedures, designed for application in more sensitive areas such as mucosa, near the eyes, etc. But as everything, it is recommended to carry out an allergy test before proceeding to the treatment for the first time.

How long does micropigmentation last?

The duration of a micropigmentation treatment depends on several factors: the area to be treated, if the healing process has been optimal, contact or rubbing with other materials or areas of the body that could wear it down… But usually we can talk of 8 to 12 months of duration, with the pertinent touch ups that the professional recommends. In other cases, the application may not go away ever.

How long it takes for the micropigmentation treatment to heal?

Although after a couple of weeks the final results of the treatment can be visualized, we must wait 30 to 45 days before we can consider the micropigmentation treatment completely healed. During that time it is recommended not to apply makeup to the area, not to apply products such as moisturizers, and avoid water (especially that of swimming pools and chlorine).

Can I use micropigmentation to correct imbalances?

Many people choose micropigmentation to correct small differences or imbalances from one side of the face to the other. It is a less intrusive option than other aesthetic medicine techniques, and also cheaper. But you should bear in mind that in this case the correction is only visual, and will not affect the volume or texture of the area to be treated.