Micropigmentation in Barcelona

Gone are the days where aesthetic medicine was limited to the use of products and small surgery with the purpose of restoring and enhancing beauty. Nowadays, although this purpose remains unchanged, the most advances aesthetic counts on much more technics and resources.

Micropigmentation or permanent make up is specialized in beautify, rejuvenate, equilibrate and harmonize the main lines of the face, achieving an elegant and natural result so you can be perfect 24h a day.

Facial micropigmentation

micropigmentacion de ojos en Logia Barcelona

Facial micropigmentation’s target is to beautify, rejuvenate, equilibrate and harmonize the main lines of the face, without surgery or invasive technics.

Capillary micropigmentation

micropigmentacion capilar logia barcelona

Get an incredibly optical simulation of hair on your scalp.

Medical Micropigmentation

Logia Barcelona micropigmentacion medica areolas

Micropigmentation can also improve and eliminate aesthetic imperfections at any part of your body, it is a really effective technic for mammary areola optical reconstruction.

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Facial Micropigmentation

Eyebrows Micropigmentation

Eyebrows can be improved or recovered if they are sparsely populated, giving a more expressive look to your eyes and a natural effect in line with your face.

Eyes Micropigmentation

For the eyes, the most innovative technics that gives us the opportunity of correct imperfections, give them brightness and an intense look or an intense eyelashes.

Lips Micropigmentation

On the lips, micropigmentation give us the chance to correct defects, give colour and buccal rejuvenation, and it is a way to beautify the facial expression without invasive technics or surgery.

Capillary Micropigmentation

Total or partial hair loss is for many people, a complex that affects them on their day-to-day since it is fundamental on aesthetic and personal image.

Capillary Micropigmentation is a very sophisticated specialty of micropigmentation that achieves an incredibly natural optical simulation of hair growth on the scalp.

It is painless; the patient won’t feel any discomfort since we can use local anaesthetics on anaesthetic cream during the process.

Depending on the skin characteristics of the patient we can achieve durability in an optimal condition during about 2 years, after this period it is possible to make some maintenance sessions.

Usually, the recover and healing process is about 4 weeks without any kind of discomfort, however, a soft redness could appear and small crusts almost hidden under the hair that will disappear in 2 or 3 days. After that time lapse, we will be able to see the real colour of the pigment that we obtain thanks to this great technic.

This treatment is perfect for those patients that suffer from hair loss processes that don’t allow surgery, is that to say, patients with a hair loss that doesn’t allow the implantation of micrografts because of the risk of damaging the existing hair on the zone. Furthermore, the micropigmentation result doesn’t depend on genetics or luck to achieve the desired result.

The best and most innovative solution for hair loss.

Medical Micropigmentation

Micropigmentation treatment is a minimally invasive solution with very good results to treat aesthetical imperfections on the body. Therefore, it is a good source over scars, to hide the difference of colour between the scar and the surrounding skin, to cover burned areas, or depigmented skin.
For women that have passed through a mastectomy with mammary reconstruction, mammary micropigmentation can simulate a nipple, achieving a visual effect that provides it from volume, hiding aureole’s postoperative scars.

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