I was born in Bilbao and grew up in Valladolid, and since I have used reason I have had a strong vocation for the art world, always with a painting in hand.

I studied graphic design and illustration and worked as a graphic and web designer in several design companies. But I realized that the design did not fill me at all and that I wanted to dedicate myself to a more artistic field and that it will represent more my creative personality, and I decided to try in the world of tattooing, little by little I realized that this was what I was passionate about and I fully focused on it trying to improve every day and devoting many hours of drawing and learning to the technique.

I started tattooing all sorts of styles and eventually focused more on color because I could capture more of my identity as an artist, having touched all the styles gave me the ability to create my own by mixing several of them , that’s why my style is characterized by including geometries, dot work, watercolor and color realism with some elements of comics, but always with a lot of prominence of color.

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