Daith Piercing in Logia Barcelona

Get a Daith piercing in the ear

What is a Daith Piercing?

The Daith piercing is a perforation in one of the inner cartilages of the ear (the pillar of the helix), above the tragus. The Daith piercing covers the curve of the cartilage on the edge between the inside and the outside.

How to get a Daith Piercing

The Daith piercing is quite simple to perform and does not require too many complications. The piercer will analyze the shape of the cartilage of your ears and will recommend which is the ideal area to make the piercing. Likewise, you decide where you want to finally do it.

The steps to make a Daith Piercing are simple:

  • Clean the chosen area of ​​the ear.
  • Mark the entrance and exit holes of the piercing.
  • Make the hole with a hollow curved needle.
  • Place the earring in the piercing hole.


Does a Daith Piercing hurt?

The sensation of pain is a very subjective perception that can vary a lot from one person to another.

Due to the experience of people with various piercings in their body, it can be said that Daith piercing hurts in the middle: when it comes to piercing a cartilage, the discomfort that is generated is similar to that of the Tragus piercing. The pain when piercing a cartilage is greater than in a soft tissue perforation, although without a trace of blood.

Daith Piercing aftercare

This type of piercing is very easy to care for and cure, with some basic rules:

  • Keep the area clean with antibacterial soap
  • Do not change or touch the jewel for at least 8 weeks
  • As the cartilage is an area without blood supply, we can speed up the healing process by encouraging an increase in blood flow through salt water baths during the first month.

When you come to Logia Barcelona, ​​we will solve all your doubts so that your piercing in Daith in the ear does not suffer complications. We will also give you some tips to maintain a hygiene routine from home.

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