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Piercing FAQs

Is getting a piercing painful?

No, it is not a painful process, just slight discomfort. Since it is so quick, there is no time to feel the perforation. Obviously this also depends on the customer’s handling of pain. Depending on the area this feeling could change. The piercer can give you more details about this.

What are the most common Piercing aftercare tips?

  • Avoid touching it with unwashed hands.
  • Wash the area with neutral soap.
  • Dry the area well with paper towels and tapping motions to avoid humidity infections.
  • Apply the antiseptic cream as recommended by your body piercer during the healing process.
  • Don’t pull out the scabs since it is a protection system for our bodies, neither move the jewel.
  • For tongue, lips or genital piercings, avoid sexual contact at least for 3 weeks.

How long does a piercing take to heal?

It depends on the area and the kind of perforation. Time varies from a few weeks up to some months.

Piercing in Logia Barcelona

Piercings are the practice of perforating an area of the body in order to decorate it with special jewellery. Piercings are a way of body modification as well, and can carry lots of different personal, religious, spiritual and cultural meanings. Even so, today most people do get piercings just for its face and body decorative value.

In Western societies, ear piercings were mainly performed on women. A tiny hole on each of their earlobes was made since a young age, in order to be able to wear earrings. Nowadays, people question this practice since little girls don’t get to decide if they want their earlobes pierced. On the other hand, more and more women and men alike get ear and body piercings.

Piercings do hurt, but it’s just a momentary pain, easy to handle. Pain level depends on the body area where the perforation is made, as well as the pain threshold of the customer. At Logia Barcelona we do all kinds of piercings: facial piercings, body piercings, oral piercings and genital piercings.

Bear in mind not to take aspirin or any other painkiller that could affect blood coagulation, since it would cause the piercing to bleed, as well as lengthen the healing process.

tu piercing en Logia Barcelona

Materials used by the body piercer to perform the hole must be always sterilized prior to using it. Needles are one use only, and they get thrown away after each client.

When the piercing is done, Logia’s piercers place a titanium piece of jewellery, since it’s the most hypoallergenic material and ensures better healing results and less possible allergies.

Here’s some more tips for better healing and best piercing results:

  • Do not take long baths during the following two months
  • Sun exposure can be harmful since ultraviolet rays are hazardous for skin disinfection
  • Be patient. Depending on the area of the body, some piercings can take up to 8 weeks or more to completely heal.

Some less common problems are blood vessel damage and bleeding, tearing, body rejection of the jewellery or allergic reactions. Always tell your body piercer if you encounter with any of these problems.

Body Piercings: Bellybutton piercing, Nipple piercing

This kind of piercings require from two to three washes a day during 6 to 8 weeks. Always clean your hands before with neutral soap. Clean the wound from the inside out.


Jewellery should be moved gently when cleaning, so you ensure that there is no soap remains that could produce an infection.

Facial Piercings: Nose piercing, Ear piercing, Eyebrow piercing

This piercing should be washed at least 3 times a day with neutral soap by massaging softly with the fingers all around the piercing area. Move it gently so water gets into the wound and it gets cleaned properly. Avoid using creams or make up while the piercing is healing to avoid infections.


Piercing healing time: Earlobe 4 to 6 weeks, ear cartilage 8 to 12 weeks, eyebrow 6 to 8 weeks, nostrils 6 to 8 weeks, frown (bridge piercing) 6 to 12 weeks.

Oral Piercings: Tongue Piercing, Lip Piercing

Oral piercings can be divided in two kinds: internal oral piercings – tongue piercing, smiley piercing, or external oral piercings – lip piercing, medusa piercing. Both kinds require the same aftercare recommendations: avoid alcohol, spicy and too hot or too cold food and oral sex while healing.


Discomfort or pain should disappear in the first three days. Internal piercings take 4 to 6 weeks to heal; clean them after drinking, eating or smoking. Use antibacterial mouthwash for better disinfection.

External oral piercings should be washed 2 to 3 times a day during 6 to 8 weeks.

Genital Piercings:

There are many ways to perforate this area and many kinds of different jewellery to decorate it. While some of this piercings are just for aesthetic purposes, others can help with stimulation.

Genital piercings are very delicate and can be prone to infections. Wash it at least three times a day with neutral soap to ensure the best healing results. Thoroughly rinse it to avoid soap remains that could irritate the urethra in both genders as well as the vagina.

Healing process takes from 4 to 6 weeks.


Ear stretching:

Earlobes are the most common area to get a streched piercing, although there’s more and more people that decide to stretch their piercing in other body areas.

Streched piercings should be washed daily with neutral soap. Dry well with paper towels and avoid touching the area during the rest of the day. This is common practice to get the best healing results as well as hygiene maintenance even when the piercing has been healed for a long time.


At Logia Barcelona we do not perform streched ear perforations, but we can advise you in any doubts you may have, as well as get the best tunnels plugs and jewellery for this kinds of piercings.

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