Tattoo removal treatments in Barcelona

In the past, some tattoos were erased surgically, leaving a scar instead. Now that decorative tattoos are much more common, and also the necessity of eliminating them for social, personal or job reasons, it has arisen the necessity of applying less invasive and traumatic technics that doesn’t damage the skin and get excellent results that overcome surgery.

Nowadays, in Logia we work the tattoo removal in Barcelona with the most innovative laser INK HUNTER MASTER 2015, since it is one of the more safeties, effective and best existing choices.

Tattoo removal through INK HUNTER MASTER 2015, the laser technic called Nd: Jag Q-Switch with KTP filter consists on breaking the ink particles in others smaller which will be eliminated by our organism, reducing the damage or potential damages of the tissues to the minimum. This way it is possible to make disappear a tattoo in a few sessions, always depending on the tattoo, area where it is located and colors that has been used on it.

In LOGIA we will advise and help you to find the best solution to your needs.

Tattoo Removal FAQ

Will my tattoo be complete removed?

The new laser INK HUNTER MASTER 2015 is designed to remove tattoos, erasing them completely in most of the cases. It depends on several aspects (the kind of ink and how the ink is eliminated by each body).

How many sessions will be required?

Usually, to eliminate completely a tattoo it is requires from 6 to 8 sessions, there should past 6 to 8 weeks between sessions.

Is it painful?

Depending on the area and the sensibility of each person, it could be more or less uncomfortable. In order to prevent that possible discomfort, it is possible to use some anesthetic cream 2 hours before.

Can I have a new tattoo where the old one was?

Yes, it is very common for customers to use laser to reduce the tattoo’s intensity and have a new one over that (COVER).


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Remove tattoos at Barcelona with Nd: Jag Q-Switch laser with KTP filter

Nd: Jag Q-Switch laser with KTP filter is a versatile photo-dynamic laser and it produces excellent results on the tattoo treatment. Complications are reduced to minimum. The treatment, combined with the wave of 1064 y 532 nm length can remove most of the tattoo pigments.

The technic udes and the results may vary in function of the tattoo, for example, the colours that are easier to depigment are black, blue and red while green, yellow and orange are the most costly to remove.

After laser application, during the next month, skin cells responsible for cleaning (scavengers cells), will eliminate the micro-particles of pigment that laser has created by breaking the bigger ones.

Each patient requires a personal study to determinate how many session he would need and the exactly treatment that would be better.A session every two months will be done until the tattoo is completely removed.

Logia Barcelona, experts in removing your tattoo

COVERS are also a good choice because it is possible to clarify the old tattoo with a few laser sessions and then, tattoo a new one over.

The number of sessions required could vary depending on the color, extension, and localization of the tattoo. Results will reach the maximum visibility four weeks after the treatment. It is possible that laser causes some reactions as redness and swelling on the area.

It is important not to touch the affected area until it is completely healed, caring and hydrating the skin daily after the tattoo removal. Come to Logia Barcelona Tattoo, specialists in art and pigmentation, we will eliminate your tattoo in Barcelona in an efficient and professionally.


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