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The word tattoo comes from the Samoan language and means mark. From ancient, tattoos were known as a way of body ornamentation. The eldest archaeological remains dates from Neolithic. The most known example is the mummy of Ötzi, whose body has more than 57 tattoos, most of them on his back. Contrary to popular belief, the art of tattooing not only existed in the Polynesian culture, but also was used in other cultures, like in the Japanese or in the Arabic one (this last one in the variety of henna tattoos).

The tattoo application is the less studied part of the tattoo world and, probably, the one with less information about.  What we know is that the tattoo is made by injecting ink in the skin through a tattoo machine.The needle gets into the skin (approximately one millimetre depth) and there, leaves tiny drops of ink that the skin is not able to eliminate.The ink stays in the second layer of the skin, the Dermis, because its cells are much more steady than the first layer, the Epidermis.The needle can get into the skin even 3.000 times per minute. The needle sterilization is a fundamental part at any kind of tattoo because this kind of wounds has a high risk of infection and diseases transmission. However, most of the responsibility is on the tattooist protocol: It doesn’t matter the equipment or ink quality if the application is not properly.

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There are several tattoo styles and techniques to express what we love in our skin. In Logia we work on tattoos with the maximum professionalism and accuracy.  Come and get your tattoo in Barcelona and enjoy an exclusive and unique art.

Tattoo can be distinguished by its main features, like the colours or decorative elements that define each style.

Some styles are Realistic, Traditional, Old School, New School, Biomechanical, Oriental, Polynesian, Maori, Japanese, Tribal, Neotribal, Lettering, Fantasy, Chicano, etc.

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Abel Miranda


Juanma Zoombie

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Gustavo Lesmes


Uri Torras

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Ángel de la Concha


Joan Cinder



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Marci Blazsek

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Ángel de Mayo

FAQ about tattoo

How much does a tattoo cost?

Prices vary depending on the design, body area, size and if it is a Black&Grey or a colour tattoo.

How much time will take to the tattooist making the tattoo?

Time will vary depending on the design and size.

How many sessions are necessary to get the tattoo?

The quantity of sessions depends on the tattoo difficulty and specially on their size.

Can I cover a tattoo getting a new over the old one?

Depending on the existing tattoo and the kind of tattoo that you want, we value if it is possible or not. If it is not possible because of the density of the existing tattoo, we work with a laser to reduce its intensity and so, be able to make a new over the old one.

Recommendations after getting a tattoo

It is advisable to maintain the tattooed area covered with osmotic film for a few hours to prevent possible infections. It is also advisable to avoid touching the tattooed area and pulling out the crusts. For the healing, it is highly advisable the use of a bactericidal soap and the washing with it 3 times a day.

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To dry it, just put a clean paper towel over it, without rubbing it. After the drying, apply a specific cream to help to its correct healing. Neither is it advisable to stay in water for long nor sunbathing until it is totally healed.

Even when the tattoo is healed, it is more sensitive to sunbeams so it is advisable the use of high solar protection to protect it.

As mentioned above, a tattoo also involves risks, from its application to its aftercare.

It is also important to remember that authorities recommend not getting a tattoo on zones where an injection could be made in future.