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Tattoo FAQ

How much does a tattoo cost?

Prices vary depending on the design, body area, size and if it is a Black&Grey or a colour tattoo.

How much time will it take to get the tattoo?

Time of execution varies depending on the design and size.

How many sessions will I need to complete the tattoo?

The quantity of sessions depends on the tattoo difficulty and intricacy, and specially on their size, as well as the client’s capacity to handle pain and discomfort.

Can I cover a tattoo getting a new one over the old one?

That depends on the existing tattoo as well as the kind of new tattoo that you want to get. Our team will evaluate case by case. Maybe it is not possible because the existing tattoo is too dark or dense. If that’s the case, we suggest getting a few tattoo removal laser sessions to reduce its intensity. Then we should be able to cover up the old tattoo without any problems.

Tattoo Aftercare Advice

After getting a tattoo, it is recommended to maintain the tattooed area covered with osmotic film for a few hours to prevent possible infections. It is also advisable to avoid touching the tattooed area. Do not pull out the scabs. For best healing results, it is highly recommended to use a bactericidal soap and gently washing the tattoo 3 times a day.

To dry the skin, just put a clean paper towel over the tattoo. Do not rub. After patting the tattoo dry, apply a specific tattoo aftercare cream to further aid in its healing process.

It is not recommended to stay inside the water for long – this includes pools, beaches, lakes or hot tubs, neither sunbathing or getting a tan until the tattoo is totally healed.

Even when the tattoo is healed, it is more sensitive to sunbeams. We recommend  the use of high solar protection or sunscreen to protect it.

Something else to keep in mind when getting a tattoo: remember that authorities recommend not getting a tattoo on body areas that may be subject to get a shot in the future, for example on the inside of the elbow.

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History of Tattoos

The word tattoo comes from the Samoan language and literally means ‘mark’. In ancient cultures, tattoos were known as a way of body ornamentation. The oldest archaeological remains date from the Neolithic era. The most known example is the mummy of Ötzi, whose body has more than 57 tattoos, most of them on his back. Contrary to popular belief, the art of tattooing not only existed in the Polynesian culture, but also in Japanese or Arabic cultures – in the form of temporary henna tattoos.

How are tattoos done?

Modern tattoos are done by injecting ink into the skin using needles attached to a tattoo machine or tattoo gun. The needle gets into the skin approximately one millimetre deep, and leaves tiny drops of ink that the skin is not able to remove. Ink stays in the second layer of the skin, the dermis, because its cells are much more steady than the first layer, the epidermis. Tattoo needles get into the skin up to 3.000 times per minute.

New needles for every client and tattoo gun sterilization are a fundamental part of tattooing, as the kind of wounds caused by this procedure have a high risk of infection as well as transmission of bacterial diseases. This responsability lies on the tattoo artist’ protocol, since equipment, ink quality or even the tattooer’s skills don’t mean anything if application is not done properly.

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Tattoo Styles

There are several tattoo styles and different kinds of tattoos, all made to express what we love in our skin. Each style is defined by the use of colours, decorative elements or special techniques. Some of the most popular styles of tattoo include Realistic, Traditional, Old School, New School, Biomechanical, Oriental, Polynesian, Maori, Japanese, Tribal, Neotribal, Lettering, Fantasy, Cartoon or Chicano. Have you decided yours?

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