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Get a tattoo in Barcelona today!

Thinking about visiting Barcelona? If you come you’ll definitely fall in love with our streets, smells, architecture, food, art and much more. A perfect way to remember this experience is by getting a Barcelona related tattoo So if you’re visiting our beautiful city and looking for a tattoo shop near yourself, look no further! At Logia Barcelona we have some of the best tattoo artists in Spain ready to make your dream tattoo come true. And the best part is you can just come in without an appointment!

Check some of our favorite Walk In Tattoos:

Walk Ins Welcome!

What is a walk in tattoo ? Well, just as it name says, it referrers as to getting a tattoo without previous appointment. And while there’s a lot of people that really need to think about the art that’ll go on their skin forever, find the perfect tattooer, and make small changes on their design for months… there’s something really special about getting an impromptu tattoo. You can get it on your own or as a matching tattoo with your friend, SO or family you’re sharing your trip to Barcelona with.

Souvenir tattoos are becoming a really common way to remember your trip forever. If that’s your case, come to our Tattoo Studio in Barcelona and we’ll check the availability of our cabins and tattoo artists. Maybe you’ll have to wait a lil bit, but we’ll be sure to check you in! You can call us in advance as well and let us know, so we can plan accordingly and see if we have some free space.

Remember that, since you’ll give us short or no notice, walk in tattoos tend to be on the medium to smaller size, especially if you’re getting a matching tattoo – but we can still try to accommodate for any requests you have. Your dream vacation tattoo is waiting for you.

Best tattoo shop in Barcelona

Logia Barcelona is certainly one of the best tattoo shops in the city. All the expertise of our resident and guest tattoo artists’ is put at your service to deliver the best permanent art for your skin. Check our artists’ tattoo portfolios on our website or in our Instagram and get some inspiration for your Barcelona Tattoo! And be sure to call us if you have any more questions. We’ll be waiting!

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