Alice in Wonderland Tattoo
01 Jun

Alice in Wonderland Tattoo

Alice in Wonderland Tattoo
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We all know Alice. We have all traveled to the Wonderland. Lewis Carroll created a fantastic world where everything is possible, flowers dance, rabbits speak and cats appear and disappear by magic. But do you know what a tattoo of Alice in Wonderland means?

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Wonderland represents the world upside down, the most endearing part of madness and the enchantment of chaos. Each and every one of us has ever experienced some senseless, bizarre situation, in which nothing seemed to have any explanation. As much as we looked for it, we did not find it. Alice’s world shows us that even the most crazy dreams can conceal some sanity if we are able to open the mind and find it.

alice in wonderland tattoo

The Cheshire cat is the guide of Alice, the one who puts the coherence to a totally irrational world, within the chaos there is order. And he is our protagonist today. Although his sarcasm is more than remarkable throughout history, the cat is a rational, sensible and reasonable being. It is this endearing character that shows Alice that madness reigns in the land of wonders, that is logical. The most different is also the most normal. What is rational for Alice, turns out to be totally irrational for the inhabitants of the country of wonders.

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The Cheshire cat tattoo terrifies and tears smiles in equal parts, in the same way that life does. Because in the end, the only thing the cat does is to guide Alice down the path of life. We all fear to decide and maybe, in some moments, we would like to have Chesire’s cat near us to advise us.

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The designs of the famous cat are popular within the world of tattooing. Its meaning? It is a way of not traveling alone, of reminding us that even the most catastrophic situation has a logical outcome if we look for it. Do you want advice? Many times the solution is to find the meaning of the meaningless.

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At our tattoo shop Barcelona we have many interesting ideas to suggest about this type of tattoo. Our team of professional tattooists will be happy to guide you and advise you on the designs that best suit your tastes and personal preferences.

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