Rihanna Tattoos
23 May

Rihanna Tattoos

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Singer, actress, model, businesswoman and designer Rihanna has confessed on numerous occasions that she is addicted to tattoos and that she loves to spend time in different studios. In different interviews she’s said that sometimes she is very impulsive when choosing her tattoo designs and that is why she’s had to cover some of them, to make room for others with more significance.

Meanings of Rihanna’s Tattoos

Rihanna has more than 20 tattoos all over her body. In today’s post we’ll explain the meanings behind some of them:

Egyptian Falcon (foot): Rihanna told that she dreamed of this design since she was a teenager and she got it done in June 2012. It symbolizes a light that shines in the dark. The falcon never close its eyes. This tattoo is actually a cover up of a musical note that she got in 2006.

tatuaje de rihanna en el tobillo

Rihanna’s Hand Tattoos

Tribal Dragon Claw (right hand): This is one of her most recognizable designs. It means strength and love. Since she got it she’s enlarged it with a Mandala and Mehndi design.

tatuaje de rihanna en la muñeca

Italic Love (middle finger): This tattoo is only visible in certain times (for example when she grabs the microphone), since it is quite small and discreet, inside of the middle finger.

tatuaje de Rihanna en el dedo

Shhh (index finger): this is a quite popular tattoo in the finger, because it’s visible when you make the sign to make someone silent.

tatuaje de rihanna en el dedo

Maori and Mandala design (mano): this is the enlarging of the original dragon claw. It is a beautiful and decorative design in the hand, fingers and wrist. She has stated several times that this was her most painful tattoo.

tatuaje rihanna en la mano

Rihanna’s body tattoos

Al Hurria fi Al Masih (left ribcage ): the translation is “Freedom of God”.

tatuaje de Rihanna frase arabe

Pistol (right ribcage): this was a birthday gift tattoo for a friend and she ended up getting it tattooed herself.uiso regalarle este tatuaje a su amigo por su cumpleaños y acabó también tatuándoselo.

Sanscrit (hip): it has a slight translation mistake. Originally it was supposed to mean “forgiveness, honesty, repression and control, pleasure, pain, birth and death” but it actually reads “long suffering, veracity, moderation, inner peacefulness, fear and lack of fear”.

tatuaje Rihanna en sanscrito

Rebelle Fleur (neck): it means “rebel flower”.

tatuaje Rihanna en el cuello

Roman numbers date (left shoulder): it’s her best friend’s birthday, and her friend wears Rihanna’s date.

tatuaje Rihanna numeros romanos en el hombro

Rihanna’s Underboob Tattoo

Isis Goddess (underboob): she got it as a tribute to her grandmother, meaning ideal wife and mother. She remembers her as a role model for future generations.

tatuaje rihanna pecho

Cover photo credit: thisistattoo.com


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