The sexual piercings that provoke pleasure. Which are? (Part I)
25 Jul

The sexual piercings that provoke pleasure. Which are? (Part I)

The sexual piercings that provoke pleasure. Which are? (Part I)
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Today from the writing of Lodge, we bring you a very HOT article !, so breathe deeply … and get ready to enjoy.

Sex piercing

The fashion of piercings, far from being extinguished, is already introduced in our society as one more element. An aesthetic complement, a symbol of urban tribe or in some cases, less showy, are the famous sexual piercings.

What if! As the name suggests, these types of piercings have as main objective to give pleasure while we have sex. Some are designed so that the person who takes them experiences a greater number of stimuli (and therefore enjoy more), others instead are designed so that the person wearing it can give a greater pleasure to the other person.

As this topic is very extensive and we want you to have a lot of information, this article is divided into two parts, the first is this and the second will not be long in coming out. So stay tuned to our piercing & tattoo blog.


tongue piercing

Do we know what SEXUAL PLEASURE is?

Pleasure is what we experience when we are sexually aroused, it helps us improve our health, mood and self-esteem. So it is foolish to deprive yourself of your great benefits. In fact, many people believe that sexual pleasure is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. In other words, what causes you to shudder all over your body and get “goose bumps”. And if you could raise the degree of excitement and joy, would not you?

Piercing in the tongue and oral sex

If we talk about oral sex, without a doubt this is PIERCING! These vertical piercings (or transverse) serve for what wears it can provide pleasure to the other person, both girls and boys. However, does this small one really help increase sexual pleasure?


tongue piercing

For starters, we can not say that by the simple fact of wearing this piercing you are going to become a machine for making blowjobs or cunnilingus. That is, sex and specifically PLEASURE has a great psychological factor, there is also sexual attraction and especially technique. However, in every myth there is a real part and here there is no exception.

 horizontal tongue piercing

Like genital piercings, it is also worn to offer greater sexual enjoyment. This is not the main reason why many choose to do it, but it is certainly an element that helps to decant the balance.


 male genital piercing

On the internet we can find a multitude of opinions, but the reality is that metal provokes a greater stimulus than if we did it with only the tongue. And this is due to what, the smooth texture and the rubbing in the erogenous zones increases the stimulation.

In addition one of the most important factors of this piercing is the Cold, as you have already seen in both ads for lubricants, as if you have been in a sex shop, always all lubricants or gels with cold effect help to experience greater pleasure sexual. For what we advise you, if you want to make the other person enjoy, cool the piercing with ice beforehand while you “play” between the sheets and then move on to the action. Get him to have the HOTTEST SCALLOFRIUM OF HIS LIFE!


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