Tattoo of the wind rose
08 May

Tattoo of the wind rose

Tattoo of the wind rose
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The world of tattoos has always been in constant connection with the sea, and sailors are great fans of this world. That is why it is not strange to see that many symbols of life on the high seas tattooed. Today I will explain to you what a rose of the winds is, what is its design and what its meaning is. And who knows? Maybe you tattoo one.

Wind rose tattoo

For those who do not know it, a rose of the wind is a symbol in the form of a circle that has marked around the directions in which the circumference of the horizon is divided. Within this circle is a star that can have four, eight, sixteen or thirty-two points depending on whether it only points to the four cardinal points, north, south, east and west. Add the eight collateral courses or the sixteen co-collateral courses.

 witch and rose winds tattoo

In addition, the rose of the winds symbolizes the course in its maximum expression. When the tools to cross the sea were very rudimentary, this was the only tool that allowed for the seas to float, so it is not surprising that it was associated with adventure, freedom and guidance.

This rose is placed in the maps to mark where you should go, this being its function next to the one of the compass. It is a great symbol for those who have the idea of ​​staying on the right path. The roses of the winds, in the end, are guides and help us stay focused on the right path, whatever happens, continuing on the right path.

These are just some examples that the design can look great tattooed.

The next tattoo of a compass is in a classic style, imitating the strokes of a felt tip pen:

rose of winds tattoo

Going through the simplest:

rose of winds tattoo

Add a phrase that guides you:

tattoo rose of winds

Compass tattoos

Compasses take the tradition of the wind roses and use the drawing of cardinal points for their design. If you do not want to lose your way, do a tattoo of a rose from the winds, or even better, a compass tattoo, your companion inseparable.

Realistic compass tattoos

The following compass tattoos are in a realistic style, with this vintage touch that has the analog precision instruments:

Compass tattoosCompass tattoo

compass tattoo


The following compass tattoos, made by tattoo artists Eduardo Cardona and Spiro Befanis, are simply spectacular, they just need to be set aside.

Compass tattoo Eduardo Cardona

Compass tattoo Spiro Befanis


Compass tattoo old school style

Inside the designs of old school tattoos, the compasses occupy a prominent place. Finding a way to follow, marking your own destiny … are mottos that arise during the search of oneself and are reflected in some old school classic-renewed tattoos:

old school compass tattoo

compass tattoo old school

Original compass tattoos

Logia Barcelona Tattooers are restless minds. Proof of this are some daring and colorful designs of tattoos that do not leave anyone indifferent. Look at the next compass tattoo, it is made with watercolor technique:

compass tattoo watercolor


For those who love tattoos, but who are not sure if their course will be the same after the summer, there will always be Henna Tattoos.

rose of winds tattoo henna

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