The male genital piercings that cause pleasure. Which are?
31 Jul

The male genital piercings that cause pleasure. Which are?

The male genital piercings that cause pleasure. Which are?
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Male genital piercings

As we discussed in the post of female genital piercings, the mystery that surrounds the world of piercings and specifically in the genital areas, can throw back more than one. However, there is a large number of consumers of these types of supplements that assure us a remarkable increase in sexual pleasure.

Sexual Piercing

So, we bring you another post about genital piercings, specifically today from the wording of the lodge we will talk about male genital piercings with which, surely, we will increase sexual pleasure both in them and in them. Aahh !! and to record what the professionals affirm that they really are not as painful as we believe, no more than in other sensitive parts as well.

As we can see below, not only women decorate their most intimate parts. Men also do it and not only for an aesthetic theme, but also for the unending pursuit of pleasure both from oneself and from the other. The areas where these piercings are done are the penis and the scrotum. And, although you may find it hard to understand why someone would get a piercing on those sites, what can we discuss with you right now?

piercing genital for men

Due to the location of these piercings it is very important what makes them a qualified professional. If you are an adventurer who wants to live a different sexual experience, we present you the most pleasant and fashionable piercings of the moment:


This without any doubt, is one of the star piercings in today’s article. This “little friend” will increase the stimulation and excitement of the girl by 50% (approximately). This is due to the fact that due to its shape and thanks to its spheres, the area of ​​the G-spot receives greater stimulation. On the other hand, we should not forget the boy’s pleasure, since his excitement will also be affected, increasing his number of ejaculations. With it you only have to worry about “playing” trying different ball sizes and combining them with your imagination.

With this piercing you will not have any problem when you put the condom. Its healing time is 6 – 9 months in total (for its total healing). The jewel piercing used is a straight bar. Does one start to like you?

Piercing prince Albert

This was like the “origin” of male genital piercings, so what is one of the most popular. It is the genital piercing that before healing (4 – 8 weeks). For the realization of this, only the fine tissue that limits the urethra should be pierced. This skin is thinner than the skin of the lobes of the ear and causes pain similar to that caused by perforations in said lobes.

The glans is not damaged although it may seem. The ring runs through the natural opening of the urethra and continues through a small hole in the wall of the urethra. An important precaution for this piercing is that until it is completely cured do not practice sex with too much impetus.

Because of the condom issue you should not worry, you will not have any problem. But if you are very concerned about the subject, you can always choose to use thicker condoms, which are. Otherwise you just have to “run” your imagination, investigate and above all enjoy Enjoy a lot!

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