Septum Piercing
17 May

Septum Piercing

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The Septum Piercing is one of the most popular nose piercings. Its popularity has been increasingly growing in the latest years, taking inspiration from ancient cultures where it had a spiritual meaning. This piercing is placed in the small portion of skin that begins exactly where the nose septum ends – not through the actual cartilage. In today’s post we take a look of the deep meanings of the Septum Piercing, as well as the techniques to pierce and heal it.

Meaning of Septum Piercing

The Septum Piercing was used as a way to thank the Gods in ancient cultures. Mayan warriors, for example, used it as a way to honor Bulac Chabatan – God of war and sacrifices, and Aj Puch – God of Death. In Mesoamerican societies it was used as a symbol of royalty and could only be carried if a great achievement had been achieved, as well as being a symbol of beauty.

Some more examples. Hindi people used it with an aesthetic and religious purpose to honor goddess Parvati, while on China it was used as acupuncture. Supposedly, this perforation opened energy points, causing chakras 6 and 7 to open up and generate positive energy.

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Currently, in Western societies, the septum piercing is used for fashion and decorative purposes, as well as to rebel against the society norms or for subjective and personal reasons.

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Septum Piercing: does it hurt?

The level of pain when you get a septum piercing in the nose is very subjective, as in most piercings. Everyone has a different pain tolerance, so the piercing will hurt more or less depending on that. Anyways, we can agree that it is not a particularly painful piercing, since the skin it punches through is not very thick.

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Septum piercing aftercare and healing

Septum piercing healing can be difficult because the nose is in constant contact with bacteria and other dirt. If you still decide to go with it, you’ll have to maintain a clean nose. It is not recommended that you get a septum piercing when it is allergy season if you suffer from polen or other weather related allergies.

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Septum piercing jewelry

The Septum piercing admits a great variety of different jewelry pieces. You can rock a closed ring, an open ring with two small beads on each end, a decorated ring with rhinestones and much more. We have a great selection of nose jewelry at our Piercing Studio in Barcelona.

Piercing septum logia barcelona

If you’re in Barcelona and you want a nose piercing or septum piercing, come to our Studio and we’ll be happy to help. You can make an appointment or contact us by email or through the contact form in our website. We’ll be waiting for you!

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