Types of nose piercings
03 Dec

Types of nose piercings

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In Logia Barcelona Piercing & Tattoo Parlor we do a lot of nose piercings. Nostril, septum or bridge are the perfect blend of tradition and fashion. And its history goes back to ancient cultures, where hoops on the nose were a symbol of status and caste. Do you want to know the history, meaning and types of piercing in the nose? Well, keep reading!

Nose piercing meaning

Although nowadays the different types of piercings in the nose are done mostly for aesthetic reasons, in other cultures they had a spiritual or even religious meaning. The most widespread case is that of the Hindu religion: women place a ring on their nose connected to their hair by a gold chain days before the wedding, so that on the day of the ceremony the husband removes the ring as a way of demonstrating Hope and Good Fortune in the marriage.

hindi nose piercing Logia Barcelona

Nowadays, nose piercings have evolved to become an indispensable part of popular culture. In the West, its adoption began as part of the punk culture of the ’70 until today, where famous and common people wear it, in all its variants: nostril piercing, septum, bridge and in combination with other facial piercings.

Of course, this style of facial jewelry can be a nose piercing for men or nose piercing for women. In today’s post we give you ideas for both in different styles and designs.

Types of Nose Piercings

From the African and Hindu traditions and even today in western societies, the types of nose piercings have been mainly three: nostril, septum and bridge. They can shine on their own or joined by other facial piercings, getting results as original and breakthrough as you wish. See them below.

types of nose piercings diagram logia barcelona

Bridge Piercing

From head to toe, the first example we find is the piercing on the bridge of the nose, also known as bridge piercing. It is the most daring and least common of the nose piercings. The bridge is placed through the skin on the bridge of the nose in a horizontal position, with a bar that goes through the skin in a parallel way (what is known as a surface piercing). Although it is less common, vertical bridging can also be done. It takes longer to heal than the other nose piercings, as it crosses thicker skin, and sometimes the body could reject it. It may take 6 to 8 weeks for your total healing.

bridge piercing logia barcelona

vertical bridge piercing logia barcelona

Nostril Piercing

The nostril piercing is the one that comes to mind when thinking of a nose piercing. It can be done both on the right and on the left. Yes it is true that traditionally, the right side was for women and the left side for men, but there are few people who continue to be governed by these standards when deciding on one side or the other. This is going to the client’s liking!

nostril piercing logia barcelona

nose piercing logia barcelona

As this type of piercing is so common, many people give it a twist to make it more original. This can be done with a double perforation: two piercings in the same nostril of the nose, one next to the other, to get a very elegant effect when placing as jewelry two small rings; or one in each of the nostrils, achieving a symmetrical result and with a spiritual inspo.

double nose piercing logia barcelona

Septum Piercing

Finally we have the septum piercing. This perforation is placed in the hollow of the cartilage of the nose in the area of ​​skin – never going through the complete cartilage, that would be a mistake! When deciding on a septum, you can decide the thickness of the hole according to the pendant or jewel that the client wants to wear. In the most extreme cases and among lovers of bodymod, even stretch holes are made in this area.

Septum’s healing time is usually about 4 weeks. It’s a piercing that is not recommended for people suffering from allergies, as it is a very sensitive area and can cause irritation if you are constantly touching your nose with a tissue.

septum piercing logia barcelona

septum piercing nose ring logia barcelona

Nose Piercing Jewelry

When performing the piercing, Logia’s piercers place a piece of antibacterial titanium to minimize the risks of expulsion from the body and ensure the best possible healing and result. After the healing time (which varies depending on the case), you can change the jewel and place the ring that suits you the most.

septum piercing with nose ring logia barcelona

nostril piercing septum piercing logia barcelona

The current trends in nostril and septum piercing jewelry are still the classic metal balls or the nose ring. Once again we are inspired by Hindu culture with elaborate jewels and mandala elements, usually larger in size but getting equally elegant and sophisticated results. In addition, different facial piercings can be combined to achieve very original and original effects.

nose piercing philtrum piercing logia barcelona

nose piercing septum piercing philtrum cheek piercing logia barcelona

Have you decided on your favorite nose piercing yet? Whether you have any question or if you want to do it already, contact Logia Barcelona and our team of body piercers will gladly assist you. Get a piercing in Barcelona in Logia Tattoo & Piercing Parlor!

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