How to take care of your piercing so you do not get infected
07 Feb

How to take care of your piercing so you do not get infected

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Below you will find a series of recommendations to follow to prevent your piercing from getting infected and getting it to be clean and in good condition until it heals normally.

Piercing care

The best way to get a piercing is by going to a specialized piercing center. Once the piercing is done, there is a series of tips that must be followed to cure it, until the piercing heals without becoming infected. These recommendations will be given by the same professional on the day you pierce, but it never hurts to remind you:

Clean the piercing

Cleaning is essential to avoid a piercing infection, and to speed up the healing process of the piercing.

The simplest way to care for the piercing without getting infected is to wash it with soap and water; It can be a special antibacterial soap or a normal bath soap.

Do not touch the piercing

Also, you should try to avoid touching the piercing with dirty hands, or manipulate it continuously before it is completely healthy unless you have your hands clean by preferably anti-disinfectant soaps.

It is advisable for example to avoid the contact of the piercing with external agents such as dust or beach sand the first days after having the piercing, because that is when the piercing is more prone to scar badly.

Care of piercing in the tongue

It should be noted that cleaning the piercing will also depend on where we do it. You will not need the same care a slope in the eyebrow as a pendant in the tongue. A slope in the eyebrow will require a common care while that of the tongue will be more special. Instead of soap it is recommended to use a mouthwash.

How to disinfect a piercing

How to disinfect a piercing

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Here we tell you step by step how to disinfect a piercing:

  • The first thing you have to do is wash the area 2 times a day with an antiseptic soap that does not contain iodine or chlorexidrine.
  • Afterwards, you will have to sprinkle some physiological serum (with the same antiseptic results as if you took a bath in the sea) on the infection (with a spray bottle or spray) and you can find it in any pharmacy.
  • Finally let the outdoor area dry.

Above all you should not touch the wound with your hands, just apply these products for the area surrounding the infection. This way you avoid that the humidity is installed in the piercing and the wound dilate. In the event that the hole does not heal during the first 2 weeks, we recommend that you go to the center where they did the piercing to advise you professionally.

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