The meaning of Indian tattoos
26 Feb

The meaning of Indian tattoos

The meaning of Indian tattoos
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Indian Tattoos

Indian tattoos are a way to represent the origin from which our ancestors come. The aboriginal culture was very believing in regard to their gods and spirits of kind energy. For this reason, it is common to see tattoos of Indian gods tattooed on the skin.

Indian tattoos can be very varied as they can include feathers, amulets and other symbols related to strength and security. They are usually done in both the man’s body and the woman’s and almost always represent something important for that person. In fact, they are associated with values ​​such as protection and respect.

indian bracelet tattoo


Within the Indian tattoos, we find two great types: the Indian tattoos Apaches and American Indian tattoos. Here we explain the characteristics of each of them: Indian race


The Apache tribes are some of the most renowned among all the Native American peoples. The Apaches were nomads who lived by hunting wild animals such as the buffalo, from which they extracted the skin to make their clothing.

The Apache Indians are believed to have been among the first to learn to ride and ride horses. Hence the idea of ​​converting the Indian into a symbol of the skilled, strong, dominant and powerful man.

The most common tattoo of Apache Indians is that of the indigenous face, with its classic and distinctive feather crown, how it looks like:

indian tattoo apache


Although there is also room for Indian warrior women:

Indian shoulder tattoo logia barcelona angel

This Indian Apache tattoo was already beautiful, but finally the spirit of the Indian and the wolf howling at the full Moon was added, the spectacular result:

Indian tattoo with howling wolf Angel de Mayo

Tattoos of indian americans

The Indians of North America used tattoos for many, many years, as a method to document their travel and all the learning it carried. A cultural part of them was to make tattoos about their adventures, chiefs, main lineages and even their religion. Next we present another example of Indian tattoos on the arm:

american indian tattoo

Of course there are also many Indian tattoos, precious:

arm tattoo indian woman logia barcelona zoen


arm tattoo indian woman sketch style logia barcelona dani bastos

leg tattoo indian woman logia barcelona laura egea


arm tattoo indan woman logia barcelona Curro Lopez

Besides the realistic tattoo of Indians, as we have seen so far, we can also find Indian tattoos in other styles more old school:

leg tattoo indian woman logia barcelona julio herrero


arm tattoo indian woman logia barcelona laia desole

You can take a look at the work of our Logia tattooists to discover other types of Indian tattoos. Do they inspire you? If you want something like this on your body, come to our tattoo shop in Barcelona and our team will be happy to help.

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