Fish Tattoos
01 Feb

Fish Tattoos

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Had you thought about tattooing the drawing of a fish on your skin? Do you know what is its meaning? Today in the Logia Tattoo blog we explain what is your symbol and why it is a fantastic idea to choose these types of tattoos for your next design.

Meaning of fish tattoos

Within the study of tattoo artists, the fish has a symbolism that is associated with fertility, creativity, eternity, happiness. The water in which the fish swim is essential for life and is considered as the main element that brings abundance to the fields, which is why it is also associated with good luck. The aquatic environment is also immense and incomprehensible and leads to the idea of ​​mystery by the greatness of the underwater world.

japanese fish arm tattoo logia barcelona

Fish tattoos also remind us of the feminine side and the power of reproduction because it has been a millenary symbol that recalls motherhood, birth and the creation of new life.

tattoos back fish logia barcelona janiak

Fish are also associated with good luck and the ability to provide good food within the family.

koi carp fish tattoos

This tattoo also means perseverance, love and affection. In some occasions the fish must swim against the current and overcome all the adversities that the environment and nature presents. Normally they are also very resistant and can overcome any obstacle. That is why they have a connotation of courage and adaptation.

tattoo arm fish hammer logia barcelona epis

Fish tattoos of colors

Depending on the color the fish tattoos may have one or another meaning. In the case of the tattoo that we show you today on the cover, a Walk In Tattoo, the warm tonality is the protagonist of the design. This orange fish is discreet and brings positive emotions. However, the following fish tattoos in color are humorous:

tattoo fish color logia barcelona billy

Japanese fish tattoo but in humor:

japanese fish namazu tattoo logia barcelona lelectric

And finally, an original fish tattoo, in color, with humor and comic style: Hellfish.

tatttoo hellfish logia barcelona julio herrero

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