Admiration in the skin: Tattoos of faces of women
19 Jan

Admiration in the skin: Tattoos of faces of women

Admiration in the skin: Tattoos of faces of women
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Meaning of tattoos of faces of women

Tattooing a woman’s face has a very personal meaning for each person. It is an iconic symbol on your skin, a way to pay tribute to someone special.

tattoo face girl tattooist karol rybakowski

One of the possible reasons for those who think about getting tattoos of women’s faces may be precisely to honor mothers, grandmothers, couples, daughters.

realism tattoo Eduard Cardona

Even famous artists or historical and influential figures. For example, tattoos of catrinas or the different women related to religions. For all of them there is a common feeling of admiration.

Tattoos of faces of women arm tattooer zoen

tattoo catrina tattoo artist Jas

In this collection of tattoos of faces of women we have gathered especially realistic tattoos, but there are also many tattoos in comic style, manga …

tattoo marilyn monroe tattoo artist karol rybakowski

Realist tattoos of female faces

Portraying feminine faces through tattoos of women’s faces is an art. Artists of the stature of Zoen or Jas make incredible realistic tattoos in Logia Tattoo. Any style or combination of several are always a good option.

tattoo girl blackwork logia barcelona doows

In addition, each tattoo can be accompanied by ornamentation according to your taste. Face tattoos on the arm are one of the most common areas but they are also performed on the legs or back depending on the size of the tattoo.

tattoo face of female geisha logia barcelona jastattoo face of female in tears logia barcelona jas

The sketch or sketch tattoo style, can also offer lovely tattoo designs:

tattoo sketch female logia barcelona dani bastos

tattoo sketch face of female logia barcelona dani bastos

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