Eye Tattoos
12 Jul

Eye Tattoos

Eye Tattoos
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They say that a look can speak and tell much more than words. It is able to fill a silence or break the ice. It is, many times, what most impacts us from a stranger. Looking into the eyes can also be the most direct way to maintain communication. What do eye tattoos suggest? By the way, in what look are you thinking right now? Go ahead and take a look at the best eye tattoos performed by the best tattoo artist in Barcelona, only at Logia Tattoo.


Eye tattoo meaning

The designs of eye tattoos reinvent themselves and get really spectacular creations, in which the looks seem to be alive. And it is not just about drawing the eye of a human form. With the small details, you can give depth, excite and even portray a feeling. The realism of some eyes is also based on elements such as brightness, texture, colors and their nuances … everything influences the final result.

tatuajes de ojos

Some of the meanings of eye tattoos are truth, clarity and protection.

Another meaning is trust. And it is that the first thing that human beings look for when we know someone is their eyes, precisely. In addition, depending on the color, different values ​​can be transmitted. So,

  • Blue eye tattoos are related to people who rely more on their brain than on the heart. They tend to be more independent and find it difficult to establish relationships.
  • Green eye tattoos are associated with the most creative and artistic souls, lovers of painting, literature, music …

Eyes can also become an open book to explain stories. What does this image hide?

 tatuajes de ojos

The place can also enhance the meaning. Thus, the eye tattoos on the nape reflect a personality that is always alert and that, despite looking forward, does not lose detail of its past.

Eye of Horus Tattoo Meaning

Although if there is a design that has become popular in this typology is the tattoo of Horus. According to the legend, Horus lost his right eye during a battle in which he tried to settle accounts after the death of his father Osiris. At the end of the fight, the council of gods decided to return the eye but Horus decided to cover the wound with a snake and dedicate the eye to the memory of his father.

tatuaje de ojo de horus

Since then, this tattoo is also associated with protection, respect and perseverance. In addition, they are presented as small amulets that fit in any part of the body.

Be that as it may, there are looks that do not go unnoticed. There are eye tattoos that get the same effect.

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