100 Ideas of Forearm Tattoos
22 May

100 Ideas of Forearm Tattoos

100 Ideas of Forearm Tattoos
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Forearms are an area of ​​the body where getting a tattoo is very eye-catching. It is a body zone with enough visibility when dressed with short sleeve shirts. This should be taken into account when considering a forearm tattoo.

Forearm tattoos for men

Men’s forearms are usually wider than women’s, plus they present a stronger appearance. Forearm tattoos for men striking and beautiful. Also, this area has little hair, so the tattoo is more visible in all its glory.


tatuaje antebrazo geometria ferran torre logia barcelona

Forearm tattoos in black & White

Black and white tattoo or color tattoo? The decision is yours, no one else’s. Some tattoo designs are conceived to be only in one of the two modalities. For example, the next ideas present two geometric tattoos, specially designed to be tattooed only with black ink and a steady hand. On the other hand, other designs can only be done in colored ink. Other pieces can me tattooed either in blackwork or in color, according to your taste and personality.

tatuaje antebrazo mandala blackwork ana godoy

This mandala forearm tattoo was designed to be a blackwork tattoo. That’s why it works with dotwork shadows.

tatuaje antebrazo mandala blanco y negro ana godoy

tatuaje antebrazo mandala flor ferran torre

On the other hand, the next tattoos could also be done in full color:

tatuaje motorista antebrazo Zoen

tatuaje antebrazos starwars ana godoy

In this Django tattoo in the forearm, the technique used is called Blackwork, used to achieve a classic look.

tatuaje blackwork en el antebrazo

Using dotwork and shadowing, the tattoo artist achieves the desired depth without usind any colors:

tatuaje antebrazo patin julio herrero

Color forearm tattoos

If you want a color tattoo, your forearm is a perfect place to show it off! As we have already mentioned, the forearm is a smooth skin area, with little hair and a lot of visibility when wearing short or no sleeves. Being an “interior” area, it is not as affected by the sun, so the color of the tattoo is more resistant to the passage of time than in other areas of the body.

tatuaje brujula old school antebrazo

In this old school compass tattoo the artist used defined and neat colors, obtaining a really clean and simple forearm tattoo.

This next example of another old school tattoo is a treat for traditional perfume bottles:

tatuaje antebrazo perfume flores stefano giorgi

The Old-new school tattoos depart from the essence of old school style, although the stroke is not so balanced and the shading and colors tend to mix:

tatuaje antebrazo corazon mano fran ruina

Mandala tattoos combine designs in black and white and in color, as the next lotus flower tattoo prove:

tatuaje antebrazo flor de loto mandala ferran torre

tattoo en el antebrazo tigre

Another use of colors include realistic tattoos. A tiger tattoo shows all its fierceness in the forearm, with blended colors to achieve the greatest effect.

tatuaje biomecanico engranajes antebrazo Zoen

Biomechanical and Gear tattoos are also a popular motif to get in realistic style. Color is fundamental to bring realism to the piece, as well as getting that 3D Tattoo effect.

tatuaje planetas en el antebrazo

tatuaje reloj arena antebrazo

This two planet tattoos use color to give a sense of freshness to the design.

Another old school design of a Jester tattoo in full color:

tatuaje antebrazo bufon julio herrero

Tattoos can have minimal color as well, for example this astronaut tattoo with thick lines and anecdotal strokes of color:

tatuaje astronauta antebrazo julio herrero

Minimalist color tattoos on the forearm

Next we’ll show some more tattoos with a minimalist design, without clear line strokes and with color as the main character. Simple silhouettes that carry all that meaning, like this Heisenberg tattoo:

tatuaje doble exposición breaking bad antebrazo daria stahp

The next piece is also made by tattoist Daria Stahp. This diamond tattoo is beautiful without needing an outline.

tatuaje diamante antebrazo daria stahp

Watercolor tattoos on the forearm

Forearm Tattoo Style result in beautiful, delicate and really different tattoos. If you’ve ever tried to paint with watercolor paints, you know it is not easy. So let’s admire the next compilation of really original and stylish tattoos:

tattoo watercolor en antebrazo jessica damasceno  tatuaje antebrazo reloj arena color damsceno

tatuaje brazo lampara color acuarela damsceno

tatuaje brazo caras de perros watercolor damsceno

tatuaje antebrazo buda durmiendo color damsceno

Lettering tattoo on the forearm

Lettering tattoos are quite common as forearm tattoos. This a pretty flat area where letters and sentences have a lot of visibility and are easy to read – except if the lettering is actually made to be difficult to get.

tatuaje lettering en antebrazo diego fustar

tattoo lettering en antebrazo diego fustar

tattoo lettering antebrazo diego fustar

tatuajes lettering brazo logia barcelona willian spinola

tatuajes lettering antebrazo willian spinola

Matching forerarm tattoos

Quite a lot of coulpes decide to get matching tattoos or complementary tattoos to prove their love. Some of the most popular are the ones where one member of the couple finishes the other person’s design, as this moon and wolf piece:

tatuajes complentarios para parejas en el antebrazo

Tatuajes de animales en el antebrazo

Animals, whether they’re our pets or wild animals admired by their characteristics and abilities, are a source of inspiration for many people and that is why animal tattoos are so frequent. See this beautiful tattoo of a fox on the forearm:

tatuaje antebrazo zorro stefano giorgi

And this original unicorn fox:

tatuaje antebrazo zorro cuerno flores stefano giorgi

Cats are one of the most loved and cared pets, so it’s quite common to see cat tattoos:

tatuaje antebrazo gato flores stefano giorgi

There’s also fans of less common animals, like the ones that get an owl tattoo:

tatuaje antebrazo buho stefano giorgi

tatuaje antebrazo buho logia barcelona egidio aldo

Animal tattoos are perfect on the forearm: penguins, foxes, bears, chickens, deers…

tatuaje antebrazo pato logia barcelona egidio aldo

tatuaje antebrazo oso logia barcelona egidio aldo

tatuaje antebrazo zorro logia barcelona egidio aldo

tatuaje antebrazo gato logia barcelona egidio aldo

tatuaje antebrazo gallo logia barcelona egidio aldo

tatuaje antebrazo cuervo logia barcelona egidio aldo

tatuaje antebrazo ciervo logia barcelona egidio aldo

Double exposure photography finds another medium to express in the form of tattoos. This next bird tattoo design uses this technique without the used of outlines and where color is the absolute protagonist.

tattoo antebrazo pajaro Daria Stahp

As you can see, animal tattoos can be done in a whole lot of different styles: realistic, old school, japanese or even geometric tattoos:

tatuaje antebrazo lobo ferran torre

Also this original deer in sketch tattoo style:

tatuajes antebrazo ciervo logia barcelona janiak

tatuaje antebrazo golondrina ferran torre

The Swallow Tattoo is one of the most popular old school tattoos. But we can also find all kinds of animals in traditional american design tattoos, like panthers, snakes, eagles or bats. Would you get a tattoo in this style?

tatuaje antebrazo pantera julio herrero

tatuaje antebrazo calavera serpiente julio herrero

tatuaje aguila antebrazo julio herrero

tatuaje antebrazo mucielago fran ruina

Also Blackwork and dotwork tattoos are really popular to get done on the forearm, like this bee tattoo or this hummingbird tattoo.

tatuaje antebrazo abeja logia barcelona dylan sutton

tatuaje antebrazo colibri blackwork logia barcelona pepo

Realistic tattoos are another way of getting a pretty cool and detailed animal tattoo on the forearm:

tatuaje antebrazo cuervo logia barcelona Annie Blesok

tattoo antebrazo husky logia barcelona

tatuaje antebrazo oso panda logia barcelona rzychu

Tatuaje antebrazo escorpion Logia Barcelona Jas

Pokémon Tattoos on the foream

You read it right! We don’t know if we can consider Pokémon as animals but their cool and colourful designs do make an striking tattoo to get. Here are some forearm Pokémon Tattoos:

tatuaje pokemon antebrazo salamone

tatuaje pokemon antebrazo salamone

tatuaje pokemon antebrazo salamone

tatuaje pokemon antebrazo salamone

Dragon Ball Tattoos on the forearm

Dragon Ball fans love to wear their childhood heroes on their skin, tattooed in full color. Anime tattoos are really atractive thanks to the use of color in their designs:

tatuaje manga antebrazo salamone

tatuaje gohan antebrazo salamone

tatuaje dragonball antebrazo salamone

tatuaje antebrazo supersayan logia barcelona rzychu

tatuaje antebrazo Goku logia barcelona rzychu

There’s also really spectacular Dragon Ball forearm tattoos in sketch style. Black & White tattoos that use the technique of a not finished sketch, with shadows that imitate pencils and charcoal, giving them a lot of movement and strength:

tatuajes antebrazo vegeta estilo sketch logia barcelona janiak

tatuajes antebrazo dragonball logia barcelona janiak

Anime tattoos on the forearm

Anime and Manga Tattoos in full color, perfect for japanese animation fans:

tatuaje anime antebrazo salamone

tatuaje antebrazo onepiece logia barcelona rzychu

tatuaje antebrazo onepiece logia barcelona rzychu

Japanese forearm tattoo

Japanese traditional tattoos mix in their designs a lot of different motifs, like animals (dragons, snakes, goldfish) and flowers. Japanese tattoo designs put a lot of detail the center figure as well as the background of the design, and it is common to fill with ink all the black spaces:

tatuaje antebrazo japonés cobra flores stefano giorgi

Japanese demon tattoos are also a really popular motif:

tatuaje antebrazo diablo japones fran ruina

Designs like Geisha tattoos can also be found in less traditional and more new school designs:

tatuaje antebrazo geisha logia barcelona laura egea

Flower tattoos on the forearm

Flowers, specially roses, are a really popular design in the tattoo universe. Flower tattoos rangefrom full color and realistic to a more minimalistic approach in black & white, all depending on the client’s taste:

tatuaje antebrazo flores ferran torre

tatuaje antebrazo flor fran ruina

tatuaje rosa antebrazo giuliadelbianco

tatuaje flor antebrazo giuliadelbianco

Evolution in designs is a constant in the world of tattoos. That’s why geometric styles are really popular right now with designs like this, mixing sacred geometry and technical drawings with a lotus flower:

tatuaje geométrico antebrazo flor ferran torre

Geometric tattoos on the forearm

Geometric designs have a lot of fans thanks to their simple lines. In its simplicity, difficulty is born. This kind of tattoos are really minimalistic and use really clean lines that must be tattoed perfectly, without hesitation.

tatuaje antebrazo circulos ferran torre

tatuaje brazo montañas geometricas ferran torre

In the next geometric tattoo, the design mixes sacred geometry with an impossible figure like an Escher pyramid in 3D.

tatuaje geometria sagrada antebrazo logia barcelona dylan sutton

This next one mixes the humour of a Lego piece with sacred geometry:

tatuaje antebrazo lego logia barcelona dylan sutton

Portrait tattoos on the forearm

Portrait tattoos can be very different from one tattooer to another and from one tattoo style to another. In old school style, the portrait is not intended to be very realistic, rather it is a beautiful drawing that holds emotions and meaning to the wearer:

tatuaje antebrazo retrato fran ruina

tatuaje antebrazo medusa fran ruina

tatuaje antebrazo demonio fran ruina

tatuaje antebrazo buho fran ruina

This beautiful and original tattoo sits in between new old school and comic styles:

tatuaje antebrazo retrato logia barcelona egidio aldo

Of course we cannot forget realistic portrait tattoos. They’re some of them ost spectacular designs we will find:

tatuaje antebrazo dali logia barcelona Annie Blesok

Movie tattoos on the forearm

Cinema fans can also decide to get a movie tattoo.One of the most popular requests is to get the tattoo of a character from a movie that holds a deep meaning to us.

tatuaje antebrazo chucky logia barcelona Annie Blesok

Star Wars tattoos are really popular. How to get it to be an original piece? Well, mixing styles is always a good idea. This one shows a Stormtrooper in sketch style.

tatuajes antebrazo stormtrooper logia barcelona janiak

Tenderness and humor also get a spot in movie tattoos, like this one of Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc.:

tatuaje brazo mike logia barcelona lello sannino

Or a Flintstones tattoo:

tatuaje color antebrazo picapiedra logia barcelona gianluca modesti

Series lovers and realistic tattoos fans meet in the fierce Viking Tattoos:

tatuaje vikings antebrazo logia barcelona andilla

And for the old school films fans we also have some cool tattoos:

tatuaje camara antebrazo Logia Barcelona Pepo

Skull tattoos on the forearm

Skull tattoos are a classic tattoo, both on their own or as a filling for bigger pieces. There are a lot of different kinds of Skull Tattoos:

tatuaje antebrazo calavera logia barcelona Annie Blesok

Tatuaje brazo calaveras Logia Barcelona Jas

That was a lot of tattoo designs ideas for your forearm! Did you see any ideas you fancy? Get in touch with Logia Barcelona and our team of tattooers will prepare a tattoo design just for you, according to your personality and personal taste. Visit us at the best tattoo shops in Barcelona!

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