Rose Tattoos
21 May

Rose Tattoos

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Rose Tattoos are a classic, a nice choice to get a tattoo of something sweet and delicate. It can be tattooed in any part of the body, for example the forearm, should, back or any other place. Rose tattoos are ideal for both small and big pieces. In today’s post we take a look on the many styles of the rose tattoo, to share some inspiration with all of you.

Rose Tattoos for Women

Roses embody beauty and delicaty, as well as agressiveness due to their sharp thorns.  Rose Tattoos for women combine sweetness with character in a beautiful design.

tatuaje rosa pecho

tatuaje de rosas en costillas

tatuaje de rosa roja para mujer

Small rose tattoo

Many times roses have ethe purpose to highlight a small area and give it a sensual touch. There are tattoos of small roses with a lot of sexyness.

tatuajes de rosas pequenas

Rose tattoos for men

Rose tattoos for men are usually designs that seek to mix melancholy, sadness and sensitive strenght. In men, rose tattoo designs tend to be black and white and their design is more aggressive and dark than in most roses tattoos for women.

tatuaje de rosas para hombres

tatuajes de rosas para hombres

Black rose Tattoo

Black rose tattoos are a strange mixture of beauty and death. A lot of pieces feature only the black rose, being the exclusive protagonist of the design. A black rose can be rocked by women and men alike, altough they’re more common between men.

tatuaje rosa negra en la cabeza

tatuaje rosa negra en el brazo

Black roses can also be integrated in a bigger and darker design:

tatuaje mujer retrato cara rosa logia barcelona jas

tatuaje rosa negra en el brazo

Colorful rose tattoo

Rose tattoos can be a lot of different colors: yellow, blue, white, red, black, pink, orange… and each of them has a different meaning. For example yellow roses are related to adolescence and joy, while white roses symbolize purity and innocence. One of the colors that maybe draws the most attention in a rose is blue, and a flower of this same color means trust and harmony, ideal to represent self-confidence and balance in our lives. But it is not the only color with an obvious meaning in this type of flower. Black roses symbolize death, separation or sadness, as they are not so common.

tatuaje hombro rosa azul

tatuaje rosa brazo logiabarcelona giuliadelbianco

tatuaje pierna rosa color logia barcelona damsceno

Red Rose Tattoo

Without a doubt, a red rose is the most well known and one of the most popular to get tattooed. A red rose symbolizes love, romanticism, passion and even erotism. A lot of people get tattoos of red roses as a gesture of love.

Tatuaje brazo rosa piano logia barcelona Curro Lopeztatuaje hombro rosa roja logia barcelonalello sannino

As you can see, rose tattoos are really a classic, but the secret is not on the motif but the design itself. The different kind of tattoo designs fit your taste and personality: a realistic rose with petals and two leaves, a whole rose with thorns, designs with more than one rose, traditional rose tattoos, a blackwork rose tattoo leaving all color aside, or getting some more details in the tattoo itself – the name of a loved one, of your significant other and more.

tatuaje rosa joyeria color

If you need more advise of inspo for your rose tattoo, or if you have everything figured out and want to make your appointment, get in touch with Logia Tattoo. Our team will be happy to help at one of the best tattoo shops in the city!

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