The meaning of henna tattoos
12 Apr

The meaning of henna tattoos

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Types of henna tattoos

Henna Mehndi

One of the most beautiful and ancient traditions of India is the practice of mehndi. Mehndi refers to temporary tattoo designs that, for ritual purposes, are usually made in henna on the skin of Indian women before a wedding.

henna tattoo shoulder

These elaborate patterns and patterns of henna tattoos have liked it so much that they can be performed in many parts of the world, indeed, many are the men and women who go to tattoo shops today with the aim of carrying them on their hands and feet.


Henna morroqui

Henna Moroccan is a popular tradition in Morocco that is practiced in women of any age, involves dyeing henna hands and / or feet, as a rule, although other areas of the body have also been painted. Henna tattoos applied to the skin temporarily tend to be made to celebrate special occasions, such as weddings, parties and Moroccan circumcisions, in these celebrations, women dye their hands and feet with henna.

henna tattoo for women


What is henna?

Henna is a temporary tattoo applied to the skin in the form of a paste made of brown powder. Many women also apply henna all over their hair, once a week. Normally once the tattoo is finished, it should be left to dry for several hours, without allowing it to get wet so that the tatto is more durable.

tattoo henna hands


Meaning of henna tattoos

Henna tattoos for Moroccan culture is not just an aesthetic decoration of the skin. The symbols that are drawn have a meaning and symbols that protect the evil eye, witchcraft or fertility are often used. These patterns contain a power known as the Baraka. The baraka has many meanings in Morocco, but it generally refers to a kind of positive power that protects against diseases and the evil eye.

Henna tattoo on hand

If you want to know more about henna tattoos go to specialized tattoo centers and discover a world full of meaning and culture.

tattoo henna fingers and arm

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