How to learn to draw to be a tattooist
02 Mar

How to learn to draw to be a tattooist

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Learning to tattoo

The world of tattooing is gaining followers and, far from going out of fashion, more and more people are deciding to turn ink into their livelihood and profession.

Learn to draw

It is essential to know that anyone who pretends to be a tattooist one day needs to have solid notions of drawing. Here are some tips to learn how to learn to draw to be a tattoo artist.

The first step to achieve learning to tattoo is to practice your skills as a draftsman. You can go to classes, buy books that help you draw or seek help with friends who are artists to teach you the best techniques.
Find time to train in this area by taking drawing courses. Discover the right techniques that will stimulate your creativity and give you even more ease when creating.
To learn to draw, it is necessary to learn to observe and take into account these elements:

The line

You should look at the outline of the illustrations. The line defines the design of the tattoo. It is one of the most important elements.

learn to draw

Observe as in the following tattoos of different styles, the line is very defined and is an essential part of the drawing:

tattoo superman with moustache maxi paint logia barcelona tattoo hellfish logia barcelona julio herrero tattoo lettering diego fustar logia barcelona lantern tattoo Victor Dalmau logia tattoo

Perspective and relationships

It is necessary to relate one object to another in a composition, so that the whole set is uniform. Mastering perspective is necessary to learn to draw.

Observe this tattoo on the back, the use of perspective gives it depth while highlighting the main motif of the tattoo:

tattoo on the back with perspective


Learning the logic of light will help you to have that feeling of volume necessary for your designs and drawings to have three-dimensionality.

As an example, black and white or blackwork tattoos achieve a feeling of volume and three-dimensionality thanks to different shading techniques:

shoulder tattoo blackwork logia barcelona

The gestalt, or totality

This skill is the sum of the previous four in a harmony and balance that will make your drawings have a higher quality.

Remember that learning to draw is a constant exercise. You will only get it as you try. No frustration because at the beginning, the design is not like the one you expect. It is also important that you continue to inform yourself and discover new techniques. And the truth is that you never stop learning. If you want more information about learning to draw in order to become a tattooer, you can come to our tattoo studio in Barcelona and we’ll be happy to help.

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